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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: tweety: educational avalon container
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2002 11:05:09 GMT
Thanks for the input Marcus! We're pretty much all on one line here.
Nicola's working on a first implementation. Once that's in CVS, it'd be
good to have some more comments like this.

> > Use Case
> > --------
> > An example of an avalon container for simple components, to use in
> > teaching avalon concepts.
> 	Sounds good. I think the effort will be well worth it. It would be
> 	good to also document somewhere answers/definitions to the fundamental
> 	questions like 'so what is a container anyway ?', 'what role
> 	does a container play in my system ?', etc. I'm not even sure I
> 	can fully answer these! :-) and I'm sure they'll come up on the
> 	user list in the future.

uhuh. If anyone can come up with more of these questions not answered in
normal english in the current documentation, please fire away (though
answers might be a while).

> > HelloWorldServer = org.apache.avalon.demos.HelloWorldServerImpl
> > HelloWorldClient = org.apache.avalon.demos.HelloWorldClientImpl
> 	What will the components do ? Send messages to each other printing
> 	out 'Hello world' or something ? (just wondering)

dunno. There's a HelloWorldServer in avalon-apps/demos...it sends HTTP
over a socket...I'm thinking something more simple...echo-like, perhaps.


- Leo

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