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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [Summary] Avalon 5 ComponentManager interface
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2002 13:34:53 GMT
> this is my understanding of the sort-of concensus we have arrived at.

it is my understanding too.

> Some issues are still being debated, and I believe I have marked those
> as such.


<snip summary />

some more thoughts:

> Implications of Type 1 (my own thoughts, no concensus on this):
>  + As there is no release() or equivalent, the implementation is
>    restricted to only holding resources during method invokations.

+1, only by contract though, no way to enforce this

>  + All implementations must be thread safe.

thought: in a simple singlethreaded use of the framework, thread safety
is not something to be concerned about. It'd be nice to not require a
lot of work in this kind of setup. Should be possible.

> Implications of types 2 and 3 (my own thoughts, no concensus on this):
>  + As there is a release() or equivalent, the implementation may
>    hold resources during the entire transaction.


>  + Implementations may be thread safe, but need not be.


>  + For components of this type selected with a hint, we still
>    get the ugly two-step lookup we have with ComponentSelectors.


>  + A XXXXManager interface and a corresponding implementation is
>    needed for each type 2 and 3 component == more code to write.

yup, but that code can be within avalon == all but completely
transparant to component developer. Right?

this is a fruitful discussion...Berin and Pete have been at it for ages;
looks like there is finally some progress =)

- Leo

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