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From "Berin Loritsch" <blorit...@apache.org>
Subject RE: InformixDataSource and pooled connections ?
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2002 13:42:50 GMT
> From: Marcus Crafter [mailto:crafterm@fztig938.bank.dresdner.net] 
> Hi All,
> 	Hope all is well.
> 	Just wondering if anyone out there is using the 
> InformixDataSource
> 	class which is a part of the datasource package, in a pooled
> 	environment ?

I wrote it, because at the time I needed it.  It has been used,
with pooling enabled.

> 	I've introduced the code into our project a few weeks back, but
> 	from my understanding of the code, it doesn't actually return
> 	connections from any informix pools, but creates new connections
> 	each time InformixDataSource.getConnection() is called ?

It pools it from the JNDI bound connections, or it should...

> 	In InformixDataSource.configure() it sets up 2 entries in the
> 	context, a m_dataSource, and a pooledDataSource, but only the
> 	m_dataSource is used in other parts of the class. In fact, after
> 	configure() all references to the pooled part are lost ?

The m_dataSource uses he pooledDataSource, or it should.  The JDBC
documentation from Informix lead me to believe that...

> 	Was the intention there to create a 
> InformixPooledDataSource class
> 	as a subclass ? or have I missed something there ?

The code was adapted from Informix's JDBC documentation.  There is
little detail on the behind the scenes operations of the DataSource
usage.  I merely wrapped the code they provided with the code the
DataSourceComponent interface.

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