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From "Leo Sutic" <leo.su...@inspireinfrastructure.com>
Subject [Vote] User requirements for A5
Date Thu, 27 Jun 2002 15:54:44 GMT

That's a good question. If this has already been tried I am 
not aware of it.

If nothing else, we wouldn't have to guess "what the users want".

Now that we have a users list why not use it?

How about posting this in avalon-users, and maybe cocoon-dev:


lately the avalon-dev list has been through a storm of ideas
for the next version of Avalon Framework. During this brainstorming
session we have come up with some fairly good ideas (*we* think so
anyway) - some of them quite radical, some more conservative.

Will you like them? Well, that's the problem. We have no idea if
you - the users of Avalon - like the ideas, because we lack 
your input.

So what would you like to see in Avalon 5.0? What were the best
features in Avalon 4.0? What were the worst? What would you
like to see improved?

Of special interest is the view of the total newbie. What was/is
the greatest problem you faced when you first tried to use Avalon?
Lack of documentation? ECM too big? Dependencies?

If you are not using Avalon, but have made your way over here
to evaluate the project: What will it take for you to start
using it?


Might as well start somewhere: Kasper, what would you like to see in A5?


> From: Kasper Nielsen [mailto:news@kav.dk] 
> Hi,
> I was wondering why aren't there a little more of this on 
> tomcat-dev, struts-dev, commons, general,....
> > Okay guys, we are making this great 'new' framework (A5) 
> that we hope 
> > most
> projects on jakarta/xml will use.
> > WHAT will it take for you guys to start using it, WHAT kind of
> improvements would you like to see.

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