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From "Stephen Haberman" <steph...@chase3000.com>
Subject RE: [VOTE] (recap) New name for Version 5 ComponentManager
Date Thu, 13 Jun 2002 15:56:48 GMT
> Can someone to a newbie check on "You get your *Components* from
> the *Service*Locator"?
> I was against ServiceLocator not because I didn't see Components
> as being/providing a service, but if we are talking about
> Components, then we should apply that name throughout.

I didn't mean to say I'd like the ServiceLocator name for getting
Components. As a newbie, I completely agree that Components should come
from a ComponentLocator. I just used the XXXLocator to follow suit with
the mail I was responding to.

> The ????????? was called XXXXXManager or "factory" in our previous
> discussion.

If it's already been discussed, I don't mean to bring up an old topic or
start any intense debates, but if a XxxManager is pretty much the same
as an XxxFactory, I think newbies would "get" the name XxxFactory much
more quickly as it's common.

Though I'll admit that most Factory implementations don't have a release
method, so if that's your reason for using the Manager name instead of
Factory, I can see the motivation. Though I don't necessarily think you
have to use the Manager name to get the point across that's it not a
pure Factory implementation.

(I'm assuming a lot here, so just dismiss my arguments if I'm wrong.)

 - Stephen

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