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From "Leo Sutic" <leo.su...@inspireinfrastructure.com>
Subject [Attn: Leo, Peter, Berin ( + just about anyone else)] Micro/Embedded/Server (was: RE: What is Avalon?)
Date Mon, 24 Jun 2002 11:09:36 GMT
Leo, Peter, Berin,

I'll be going full tilt into MicroContainer now.

This is my world as I see it:

 + MicroContainer: Use of Avalon components without the
   Avalon architecture.
   What I see before me are three actors:

        A user: A developer that is doing, well, something. The 
   A component: The user just downloaded this.
    A deadline: The user hopes to use the component in order to
                be finished before this.

   MicroContainer will solve this with minimal impact on the 
   user's architecture.

   (       MicroContainer is checked in under 
       jakarta-avalon/src/proposal/microcontainer/   )

 + Tweety: The simplest stand-alone container. Used to teach
   people how to write containers without using Fortress.

 + Fortress: The "embedded" level container. Think "Cocoon".

 + Phoenix: "Server" level. Uses Fortress.

Metainfo is used by Fortress and Phoenix (not MicroContainer).

 + Anything that works in Micro, works in Fortress, Tweety and Phoenix.
 + Anything that works in Fortress, works in Phoenix.
So, when going to a more sophisticated container, you *never* lose 
anything. All you get is more features from the container. But,
some components may not work in Micro or Fortress (they require 

Is this sort-of-kind-of the world you are living in?


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> Sent: den 24 juni 2002 11:42
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> > I have taken steps to improve our branding and marketing, 
> and I hope I 
> > can get you and the rest into a discussion regarding
> > this:
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> not necessary =) I agree with it. Now to do the coding...
> - Leo
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