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From "Leo Sutic" <leo.su...@inspireinfrastructure.com>
Subject [desperate plea] RE: The need for 'hints'
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2002 09:14:20 GMT

> From: Stefano Mazzocchi [mailto:stefano@apache.org] 
> Anyway, I'm changing my -1 to the removal of 
> lookup(role,hint) to a +0 not to interfere with A5.

Replacing your -1 with mine.

> As for Berin's proposal, I think that the use cases you 
> outlined, not all of them belong to Avalon.

Container portability is good and all, but it forces the
concept of what a component is to become much narrower.
In Cocoon, a component can be something very small,
and in A5, a component will be something quite big.

I'm not sure if I like that change. Much of what used
to be "applications using the Avalon framework" are now
so small that they would be individual components.
Don't ignore the small people, please! Don't let Avalon
become something that is a heavyweight "for big jobs 
only" framework. I'm sure there's a need for being able
to put small stuff into a container and have it pooled /
managed. That was the beauty of A4.

I'm sure we can find something that allows Avalon to scale
from small to big stuff.

As for the argument of use and abuse of Avalon, if someone
can take this framework, and produce a usable product with 
it, how can we call that "abuse"? The way it is used in
Cocoon may not be what we consider proper and beautiful,
but it remains a fact that people have found Avalon to be
very useful that way. Coming and saying "abuse! That's not 
how we want you to use our framework" has quite a high
piss-off factor, migration path or not.

> I call for a restate of the Avalon's project charter!

OK, so what do you propose we change it to?


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