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From Ole Bulbuk <Ole.Bul...@ebp.de>
Subject AW: AW: [OT] Jakarta: keeping track of it all
Date Thu, 02 May 2002 13:11:03 GMT
> "only about some avalon interfaces". It took several years to 
> get those
> hammered out that way. There's about 200 pages of docs on our website
> describing why they interfaces are the way they are.
> It is _the_ central point, it is half of the added value 
> avalon has as a
> project.
> It is a small thing in terms of code. It is *huge* in terms of thought
> and man hours. You can express the contents of the "Design Patterns"
> book in about 30 interfaces and as much default impls of those
> interfaces. However, the book doesn't really belong inside a commons
> package either.

If the interfaces and the default implementations are *common* and don't
depend on other projects they do. Where should they go else? Interfaces that
should be used in almost every Java software should of course go into a very
basic package. Maybe the next JDK would be a nice soulution. ;-)))

> Every jakarta project is able to use Avalon Framework. the 
> dependency is
> captured in a single jar file, which is a stable release, 
> which has been
> a stable release for a long time, which doesn't impact 
> project size very
> much, etc etc etc.

AFAIK, commons is a project that by definition doesn't depend on other
projects. If you don't want to give the interfaces fewer people will use
Simple but true?


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