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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject OpenEJB & Avalon
Date Sun, 12 May 2002 16:02:04 GMT

A task of some size and kudos, if somebody (or some of you) want to take 
it -->  making an OpenEJB wrapper for Phoenix

The OpenEJB team has been beavering away for over a year now.  They have 
reached a new level of maturity and a much larger fan-base.

I have periodically reviewed their reference-implementation for 
suitabilty for wrapping as a Phoenix service/block.  I think is greater 
potential now for this.  If someone would like to take it on for a) 
investigation then b) implemntation, then having the main server 
component that is missing from Phoenix running would be a very cool 
thing indeed.

A strategy we could choose for third party tools like OpenEJB is 
wrapping.  This is where the a number of interface/impl separations are 
noted like so ...

    interface BeanServer {
       void setSomeThing(Object thing);
       void go();
    class ReferenceBeanServer implements BeanServer {
        public void setSomeThing(Object thing) {
        public void go() {

And we reimplement them in the context of Phoenix like so :

    class PhoenixBeanServer implements BeanServer, Block, Configurable {
        private BeanServer beanServer;
        public void setSomeThing(Object thing) {
        public void go() {
        public void configure(Configuration conf) {
           String blah = conf.getAttribute("xyz");
           beanServer = new ReferenceBeanServer(blah);       

The idea is that OpenEJB pushes forward with its core and reference 
implementation, and that our block keeps up by reusing the reference 
implementation.  We need to see true separation between interface and 
impl and the main(..) being refactored out (if not done already).  Also 
you may have to persuade the OpenEJB team to make subtle changes to 
their codebase to make things easier for us.  For example, if the 
reference impl of OpenEJB insists on a file name for its launch 
properties, we'd need to persuade the team that second way was good so 
that we could suck from our configuration...

I have lurked for a long time on the OpenEJB list and even posted 
synergy emails in the past, but for one reason or another things were 
not the right time. Now is the right time (I think), but as you folks 
know I am otherwise occupied with Enterprise Object Broker ( in many 
senses a competitor to OpenEJB ).   Volunteers ?


- Paul H

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