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From Pete Carapetyan <p...@datafundamentals.com>
Subject Re: Basic questions
Date Fri, 10 May 2002 23:41:45 GMT
Peter, I would be interested in knowing more about your use of  Struts 
with Avalon. Did you use Struts as an Avalon component, or did you use 
it outside the container? If you used it as a component, did you have to 
refactor it?  Struts is my first order of business as far as 
implementing Avalon,

Peter Donald wrote:

>On Sat, 11 May 2002 07:37, Leo Simons wrote:
>>>7. Anybody  can provide  a real  working example  of the Struts +
>>>Framework combination?
>>Struts is a pragmatically developed framework where the developers chose
>>to work with a fundamentally crappy idea (JSP) because it is in
>>widespread use (this is a big assumption :). 
Is it jsps that are crappy per se, or just the fact that they can be, 
and are often, abused? I keep my jsps scriplet free, use taglibs, and 
have no real problem with them any more, either philosophically or from 
a practical standpoint. But I would agree that other approaches are fine 
too, especially when they become set up to work within Avalon, which no 
doubt they will be as soon as Avalon is discovered !

>I pretty much put all biz logic in Avalon components, placed these components 
>in ServletSession via startup servlets and then had each Action retrieve the 
>required components/services from ServletSession and work from there. Each 
>action basically called some avalon components then stuffed the results back 
>in a Velocity context and that was it.
Ouch. All in the session? Hmm. I prefer keeping the key in the session, 
and everything else possible in the persistence layer. Scalability could 
be a bit of a problem, otherwise.

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