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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Altrmi questions
Date Tue, 07 May 2002 23:30:56 GMT

>I got everything working and looked at and played with the callback
>tests.  It brought up one question, though.  I wanted to make sure the
>server didn't need the generated classes from the client in it's
>classpath or anything so I created two generation directories,
>client-genclasses and server-genclasses.  The test went well, so I
>assume that means the server doesn't need the generated classes from the
>So, my next test was to determine if the client needed to have the
>proxies pregenerated or if it could/would do it dynamically.  So, I
>commented out the client generation stuff in callback.xml and tried
>running the tests.  Sure enough, there was an exception thrown when
>trying to add the callback to the server:
>org.apache.excalibur.altrmi.server.ClassRetrievalException: Generated
>class for AltrmiGeneratedCallBackTestListenerImpl_Main not found in
>specified classloader
This is an issue yes.  Currently for the callback demo, there are two 
generations of <altrmiproxies> in terms of ant task invocations during 
the build.

We need to be able to change this to one invocation... and we are 
currently pondering things.

As it happens, we are doing a lot of thinking for callbacks at the 
moment and if there is an area of AltRMI that is likely to change some 
more before AlttRMI gets to v1.0, that is it.  Then again, it may not 

>Is there a way, when the call is made, to auto-generate the classes
>needed if they are not present already?  Something that would be
>transparent?  Obviously, I can probably generate the needed classes by
>hand, but I'd prefer something more flexible.  For instance, wouldn't it
>be possible when the above exception is thrown for the host to generate
>the stuff it needs?  
The ideal world is that the compiled stubs know exactly shat to do 
without an exception having to be thrown to communicate the fact.  The 
reason I say that is the same bug has come in in the past in 
non-callback AltRMI and it has been fixed relatively easily enough.

>I understand that would mean the tools.jar would
>need to be in the classpath on the client, and I don't have a problem
>with that.  Any ideas?
Well Vinay is going to put some BCEL using proxy generators into CVS in 
the next few weeks (way to difficult for me).  In that time I think we 
may have a more stable AltRMI.

What are your needs re stability now?  Is this a commercial use you are 
putting it to ?  Can you do without callback for the time being (i.e. do 


- Paul H

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