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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [VOTE] build process (for documentation)
Date Mon, 06 May 2002 06:56:31 GMT
Jeff, Leo,

>Nice analysis, Leo.

>How about we do Centipede and Maven experiments in separate CVS
>branches? Then people can go wild, and once there's a working system,
>propose it's adoption on the list.
-1.  We have few enough people doing xdocs per se,  let alone in two 
branches.  Jeff, you are our defacto build file maintainer, don;t bite 
off more than you or other can chew.

>It would be nice to have as little as possible of the build system
>infrastructure in jakarta-avalon CVS. I wonder if Centipede will work
>with vanilla Ant 1.4.1, or if it is required to have the tools/antipede
>directory present.
I'd like to know the answer to that to.  I appreciate I could easily 
find out, but somone may know already.

My ideal-world scenario would be for ant.1.4.1 to have son-of-stylebook 
in it.  Given that is not going to happen, we have to have Mavern, 
Centipede or our own Cocoon based fork of Ant.  Now, I am against forks 
of Ant, and look forward to the day when it is possible to tell Ant 2.0 
that we are supplying extra taskdefs in a particular dir (containing 
.ant archives).  

Some time a year a go there was a pan-Apache change of stylesheets that 
mean that the once-working <title> stopped working.  Soon after teams 
began to hack the first <s1> into the title rather than fix the missing 
title support in the stylesheets.  We fixed it properly here in Avalon 
(though it became yellow for a year).   I would not want to use switch 
to a tool that puts is back in the <title> dark ages.

I would perfer a tool that retrofits vanilla Ant 1.4.1 with extra 
functionality - i.e. the minimum of value-added Ant jars in one or more 
CVS nodes.

>>- Put the latest Centipede beta (which includes useful stuff like
>>Forrest) in jakarta-avalon cvs, and start generation of our website
>>using it.
>>- Add new features to the website (jdepend, junit, etc) offered by
>>Centipede incrementally.
>>- Slowly migrate parts of our build process to be managed by Centipede,
>>where this is possible.

+1 (given concerns about vanilla ant and most importantly <title>

- Paul

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