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From Peter Donald <pe...@apache.org>
Subject Re: ContainerManager and Sub-containers
Date Wed, 29 May 2002 10:48:52 GMT
On Wed, 29 May 2002 17:06, Leo Sutic wrote:
> I do not see how component-specific metainfo can be used to put together
> the mapping without changing the metainfo depending on the desired
> configuration. As I want it, the metainfo is just metainfo about the
> component,

The way phoenix does it is;
1. separate metainfo (information about component and its 
capabilities/requirements) in BlockInfo files
2. separate metadata (configuration and assembly data). 

I am actually working on a system where Fortress/Merlin and Myrmidons 
container will use the same (1) and thus components can be shared between all 
containers. I am happy to help get this integrated into fortress. 

(2) is still container specific - you could use the nested approach as 
proposed (which is also the same approach Merlin uses). Phoenix separates out 
the assembly and config data (probably overkill here) while Myrmidon will 
eventually have a merged config/assembly data file - possibly similar to 
Fortress/Merlin but flat instead.

>  <component role="A" ...>
>    <role-mapping from="B" to="B/A"/>
>  </component>
>  <component role="C" ...>
>    <role-mapping from="B" to="B/C"/>
>  </component>
>  <component role="B/A" .../>
>  <component role="B/C" .../>
> So that when A looks up B, it gets B/A, and when C looks up B it gets
> B/C.
> That would be excellent for components that play multiple roles - right
> now it is difficult to map two roles to one component (without having
> two instances
> of the component).

Looks very similar to phoenixs layout with a few name changes ;) 


Peter Donald

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