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From Gregory Steuck <greg-avalon-...@nest.cx>
Subject Re: TPCThreadManager exceptions
Date Wed, 29 May 2002 01:51:23 GMT
>>>>> "Peter" == Peter Royal <proyal@apache.org> writes:

    Peter> On Tuesday 28 May 2002 07:34 pm, Gregory Steuck wrote:
    >> toast.  Thus, we should not continue banging on it and the only
    >> thing TPCThreadManager.run can do is exit (possibly logging the
    >> exception, this is not in the patch below).

    Peter> I think that should be the responsibility of the object
    Peter> that is managing the TPCThreadManager.

If understand you correctly, you suggest that the caller of
TPCThreadManager.run should log the exception? This may not be really
feasible: run() is called by that same thread pool that just aborted,
so it is presumably badly broken. Thoughts?

    Peter> Looks good, applied! Simple suggestion for patch
    Peter> readability and appliability, if you do 'cvs diff -u' to

Oops, I put diff -u into .cvsrc. Should not happen again.

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