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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject RE: case studies (site updates)
Date Sun, 19 May 2002 07:23:35 GMT
On Sun, 2002-05-19 at 07:58, Robert wrote:
> Done. I've updated the menu per Leo's email in the archive as well.

you rock!

> The
> 'Developing with Avalon' section needs better, more appropriate links,
> but they are there. I was wondering if the stuff in the history(?)
> section on Avalon concerning the IOC patterns and such should be moved
> to the 'Prerequisites' page? 

I think not. Rather, the page serves as a reference to the "avalon
charter", talking in jakarta terms here. "Developing with Avalon"
doesn't serve as reference. Maybe the page should be renamed "Project

> I also need a project structure page. I think you guys are changing
> things just enough at the moment that I'm not totally sure what to put
> here :-)

Not really...basically what I envision is some page where we can direct
people to when they ask "Where should component X go? Is there a place
for my submission X? Phoenix asks for class X, but I cannot find it in
its CVS?"

> I'm not entirely sure where you guys want me to go from here. I don't
> want to jump around too much, so let me know what else you would like to
> see with the Avalon stuff, and when you want me to start sending in
> these as patches.

We really like your jumpin' round ;) And patches are welcome right now
(assuming you didn't break too much, and it doesn't look like you did,
there's already some big improvements!).

One thing I'd like to see is getting the Developing with Avalon thing
reorganised and indexed so it is more useful as an online guide, rather
than as a book.

A common question: "Okay, I get all this, I want to use avalon and the
avalon patterns, but now...


- which interfaces should I implement for my specific service A?
- why should I use configuration/parameters/context; why not just put my
configuration in context?
- etc"

Basically, the answers to many common questions are on the website,
they're just difficult to find. We need an analysis of what those common
questions are, and how to refactor docs so it is easier to find answers.
After we've done that, step two is to list those questions as such and
provide links to the answers in the documentation (we call such a
feature a FAQ).

If you want more work, keep asking! I can think of loads...

- Leo

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