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From Leo Simons <leosim...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [OT] Jakarta: keeping track of it all
Date Fri, 03 May 2002 07:37:22 GMT
> 1. Standalone server - an XML socket server to talk to Flash and other 
> components, and some other fun stuff.
> 2. Web server - much of our code is here since its a webapp and I'm 
> running with a web application server (Resin or Tomcat).
> 3. JUnit tests run from ant
> 4. Latka functional end-to-end tests
> 5. Swing-based, webstart-deployed app for some complex parts of the 
> admin system (ok, not yet, but that's the plan this quarter)

Like Berin said, this should be easy enough.

1) -- take a look at XCommander in Avalon-Apps (xml socket server that
runs within phoenix)
2) -- the Jo! engine runs within phoenix. Excalibur stuff like its
component manager runs within any servlet container easy enough
3) -- dunno. I suck at this.
4) -- ditto.
5) -- you might wan to take a look at Jesktop (www.jekstop.org). I'm
sure Paul would help you out if you agreed to donate the app =)

> Right now from what I know about Avalon, the only convenient way to use 
> the Avalon interfaces is from within Phoenix,

excalibur is actually somewhat easier at first (there's less requirments
for your components). We'll try and get you some docs :/

> I have this one part of my webapp where I need to 
> create a pool of threads to pull data from another server and has 
> frustrating timeout issues, and I would love to use the Avalon thread 
> manager to do this.  Unfortunately, it's just not worth the effort.

Once there is a release and a Howto it will probably be just as easy,
I'm guessing. This has less to do with COP worries than with ease of

> Maybe if someone contributes a servlet context listener to be an Avalon 
> container in webapps,

I think Paul's working on it? (then again, he is working on so much it
is difficult to keep track)

> an ant-based container,

I think ant2 uses stuff from avalon?

Also we have merlin in Excalibur scratchpad which does exactly that.

> also very important - 
> something to support unit testing

Would ExcaliburTestCase work (me being the completed testing-egghead, I
can work with it)?

> and possibly a generic 
> command-line style container,

I don't get what you mean here, but BSH runs on jesktop which runs on

If you're talking about command line argument parsing, well we've got
the CLI package for that.

I can see your difficulties in finding the right pieces and the
instruction manual on how to assemble them. We need to improve this.

This does, however, not mean depending on Avalon Framework in a code
and/or packaging sense limits your reusability. It has more to do with
accessiblity of Avalon Framework.


- Leo

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