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From "Robert" <rmcint...@bull-enterprises.com>
Subject RE: Code examples on site
Date Sun, 19 May 2002 07:44:22 GMT

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From: Leo Simons [mailto:leosimons@apache.org] 
Sent: Sunday, May 19, 2002 2:26 AM
To: Avalon Developers List
Subject: Re: Code examples on site

> While not trying to throw another log into the fire here, do we want
> keep the current code examples, albeit modified for the
> Component/Manager interfaces?

No. All of them should be re-evaluated as we've moved around and cleaned
up quite a bit.

-- I'll keep this on the list of things to look at soon...

> I think one thing that might help newbies in understand where Avalon
> fit in is an example app of sorts outside the scope of Phoenix. I know
> most(?) of you are involved with Phoenix and so it is easy to point
> things in that direction. But what if the viewer then sees Avalon as
> only a way to build complete apps, ala JAMES, Cocoon, etc. instead of
> a way to build a complete app OR a way to enhance their custom app.
> code examples go a long way to saying this, but there isn't that
> world', real code base for them to look at. 

Well, we have hello world server in avalon-apps. Examples of projects
moved over to avalon instead of starting out here...maybe look at Jo! ?

-- Let me try this another way... Most of the current apps (even our
product) use Avalon and Excalibur internally, or as infrastructure for
some other developer's product/application to use. Jo! Is a webserver,
Cocoon is an XML server (I know it's much more, but you get the idea),
JAMES is an email server, etc. I was thinking of something more along
the lines of what the current 'developing with avalon' story does, use
Avalon in a business server context, meaning the reader or end developer
uses Avalon as the core of their application. To take the over-used
shopping cart case, a service could be credit card
validation/processing, the shopping cart itself, inventory control, etc.
I believe it was Peter or Steven(?) who told a newbie about using Avalon
based components in a struts/Servlet environment and storing the
container in the ServletContext. A lot of people could probably relate
to that as opposed to a complete webserver. ???


- Leo

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