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From "Robert" <rmcint...@bull-enterprises.com>
Subject RE: docs update
Date Fri, 17 May 2002 21:43:18 GMT
Ok, Got most of what you mention here done. However, in the
developing/implementing section, there are areas that did refer to the
ExcaliburComponentManager and ComponentHandlers in the sample code. With
the new interfaces (Service/Serviceable), what are these replaced with?
I didn't immediately find any equivalents in the source.

I will go back through the code examples and make sure I got everything
though, as I most did a find/replace for the moment.

Again, view can be had at

 - Robert

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From: Stephen McConnell [mailto:mcconnell@osm.net] 
Sent: Friday, May 17, 2002 2:50 AM
To: Avalon Developers List
Subject: Re: docs update

Hi Robert:

See notes in-line.

Robert wrote:

>Well, here is my first crack.
>I took some cues from the src/proposal/newbie-issues email snippets
>I found and:
>1: main index.xml: expanded on the "what is it?" question.

I would like to see the the following sentence dropped.  

  "This framework is not a standalone product, but allows
  existing and yet to be created applications to fit into
  a common platform and to share code, design and human

And the next sentence updated to something like:

  Avalon is a framework that allows reusable components
  of varying scale to be created, managed ...

>2: main book.xml: fixed link to main jakarta page.
>3: main book.xml: Added an "Essentials" menu

>4: main book.xml: linked a "getting started" menu item to the avalon
>framework getting started page
>5: main book.xml: created a Download link and corresponding page.

good move.

>Most of these came form the part2.txt file. I didn't see any mention of
>item 3 in that file "it's called Apache Server Framework, but it is a
>component library as well?", so I didn't touch that one. I thought
>creating a link to the PDF for item 4, "so, where is the user manual?",
>but wasn't sure if that was the intent.

Title page "Developing With Apache Avalon: Apache Avalon Project" - 
could be simplified to just "Developing with Avalon".

>Some other things that I found that could be updated, but didn't as I
>wanted to get feedback first:
>1: developing/framework: Remove bullet item about extending the
>Component interface as it is deprecated(?).

Any reference to ComponentManager should be changed to ServiceManager, 
same thing for Composable/Serviceable, 
ComponentException/ServiceException, etc.  Any reference to "Component" 
(with an uppercase 'C') should be reviewed -0 i.e. - lowercase 
components are fine but uppercase implies a marker interface.

>2: developing/framework: update the Avalon framework contracts for
The following sentence is out of date and removed.
"Do extend the Component interface if possible. This makes it easier on 
you when it is time to release your Component. If you are not in control

of the work interface, then you do not have this option. It is not the 
end of the world, as you can recast the instance to |Component| when it 
is time to release it.
Also, the example shows an interface that extens "Component" - the 
"extends Component" should be dropped.

Info concerning lifecycles should be updated to include "service" 
instead of compose.

Same comments concerning  references to Compose, ComponentManger etc.

>3: developing/implementing: update the code source that implements the
>Component interface
Go ahead - it has to be done.  

>4: developing/introduction: 

I think we should be dropping Cornerstone (which is now part of the Apps

project), and Scratchpad (which was part of Excalibur before the 

>a sub-element of "what can avalon be used
>for" could be added for "how does avalon fit in a j2ee environment?"

Feels a little out of context for the into page - but the subject is 
Lets look at this once the overall pages are looking solid.

>5: avalon/features: change the statement "initial difficult learning
>curve..." to read "initial". Don't want to scare anyone off! Besides, I
>didn't find it _too_ difficult :-)


Cheers, Steve.

>I also found the screenshots and for my .02, I like them! They get my
>Oh, you can view the changes at
>- Robert
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Stephen J. McConnell

digital products for a global economy

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