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From "Robert" <rmcint...@bull-enterprises.com>
Subject docs update
Date Fri, 17 May 2002 01:45:46 GMT
Well, here is my first crack.

I took some cues from the src/proposal/newbie-issues email snippets that
I found and:

1: main index.xml: expanded on the "what is it?" question.
2: main book.xml: fixed link to main jakarta page.
3: main book.xml: Added an "Essentials" menu
4: main book.xml: linked a "getting started" menu item to the avalon
framework getting started page
5: main book.xml: created a Download link and corresponding page.

Most of these came form the part2.txt file. I didn't see any mention of
item 3 in that file "it's called Apache Server Framework, but it is a
component library as well?", so I didn't touch that one. I thought about
creating a link to the PDF for item 4, "so, where is the user manual?",
but wasn't sure if that was the intent.

Some other things that I found that could be updated, but didn't as I
wanted to get feedback first:

1: developing/framework: Remove bullet item about extending the
Component interface as it is deprecated(?).
2: developing/framework: update the Avalon framework contracts for
3: developing/implementing: update the code source that implements the
Component interface
4: developing/introduction: a sub-element of "what can avalon be used
for" could be added for "how does avalon fit in a j2ee environment?"
5: avalon/features: change the statement "initial difficult learning
curve..." to read "initial". Don't want to scare anyone off! Besides, I
didn't find it _too_ difficult :-)

I also found the screenshots and for my .02, I like them! They get my

Oh, you can view the changes at

- Robert

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