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From "Tony Thompson" <tony.thomp...@stone-ware.com>
Subject Re: Example needed
Date Fri, 05 Apr 2002 21:12:47 GMT
Ok.  Here is my first shot at a simple example (zip file attached).  Remember, my intention
is to show a progression from simple (and probably not implemented in the most ideal fashion)
use of Avalon concepts to more sophisticated that can be used as a tutorial.

Please provide any criticism, constructive or otherwise.  Depending on the response, I will
either add the reponses as documentation in the classes themselves or rearrange the code as
required.  If there are any changes that I should make to the simple example, let me know.
 I would also like to know if I am on track here or if I am wasting my time.

Right now, the server is the only thing that has been "Avalonized".


>>> Paul_Hammant@yahoo.com 04/01/02 01:30PM >>>

>Maybe I should clarify a few points.  The echo server that I am talking about is just
a simple example that I was hoping could easily demonstrate some very basic Avalon functionality.
 It will listen on some configurable socket for some request and echo it back to the client.
 That was really all I intended.  Maybe it is too basic but the idea was to demonstrate Avalon
not implement some huge server.  They are intended as examples only and my intention is to
make something that the Avalon team would deem fit to include as examples.
Understand.  I thought you meant the RFC specified 'echo'.

>You were right.  I was not talking about Phoenix.  Unless I am mistaken, Phoenix seems
to be several steps beyond where I was planning to start.  It would be a good idea to evolve
it to a Phoenix example but, when you reach that level of sophistication, the example may
be too simple.
Well then < devils advocate mode = on > Avalon Framework and Avalon 
Excalibur are not necessarily just for servers.  They are equally 
applicable to client side code.

>I looked at the examples and they still jump in much deeper than I wanted to start with.
 I am getting the impression that maybe there is not a need to start as basic as I am proposing
(?????).  I wanted to start just by demonstrating the concept of COP (as simple as it can
be).  Too basic for most and probably not a very practical application but, an example none
the less.  Am I the only one that feels there is a need for this?
I had kind thought that the PDK showed the simplest of all servers that 
used Avalon concepts.  Next to that, I had thought that the HelloWorld 
demo was also quite simple....

I guess my education will continue upon seeing the product of your 
labors.  We will of course integrate simple demos to the codebase if 
suitably attributed as Apache license...


- Paul

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