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From Peter Royal <pro...@apache.org>
Subject ComponentSelector's in fortress
Date Wed, 24 Apr 2002 17:20:13 GMT
I'm curiuous as to the design intentions of handling ComponentSelector's with 

Currently if you declare multiple components for a role in your 
configuration, the id attribute is used as the hint and a ComponentSelector 
is automatically generated for you.

I'm wrestling with how to integrate this with the new XMLizer. The XMLizer 
can't be used as-is in fortress since it is based off of the 
ExcaliburComponentSelector which needs a logkit logger that fortress cannot 

The individual XMLizer's for various mime types are LogEnabled, so it is 
possible to use them without the XMLizerimpl, as long as you only use a 
single one.

Fortress removes the need for the ExcaliburComponentSelector as it handles 
all of the initialization that it used to do, but you loose the ability to 
customize the behavior of the ComponentSelector.

I propose adding the following capabilities to fortress:

1) Force a certain component type to be a selector even if there is only a 
single declaration (SourceResolver would also benefit from this, as 
SourceResolverImpl expects a ComponentSelector for its SourceFactories)

2) Extend fortress to allow users to plug in a custom ComponentSelector. This 
is basically removing the ContainerComponentSelector from inside of 
AbstractContainer and allowing the user to extend it.

.. or any alternate solutions to the problem :)


peter royal -> proyal@apache.org

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