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From Peter Royal <pro...@managingpartners.com>
Subject Re: [altrmi] usage questions
Date Thu, 11 Apr 2002 01:12:44 GMT
On Wednesday 10 April 2002 05:49 pm, Paul Hammant wrote:
> >first, great job paul! the phoenix blocks and app listener made it
> > super-easy to plug into the phoenix side of my application.
> Vinay has done loads too .. :-)

indeed! (didn't mean to forget you Vinay :)

> It is thread safe at the momnent because individual requests from
> however many threads on the client side have to queue for access to the
> connection

good to know, I'll just make it poolable for the time being.

It appears that the authentication information is passed on each remote 
method invocation, correct?

> Vinay has given me some code that multiplexes requests over the
> connection.  This code also does callbacks.  However I have serious
> problems with my codebase, that stem from some real change in the last
> week, but I cannot track it (more later),

Excellent! I saw the later email about how that has been commited. I do need 
callbacks, but I may implement them as a separate publish/subscribe 

> >Since it is designed to be a phoenix block, I'm guessing that it will be
> > okay to subclass and make ThreadSafe so the ECM in cocoon treats it
> > right?
> Not needed I think.  The solutions we are aiming at sould allow multiple
> threads to use the same client to server connection.

I do need to subclass to put a lifestyle interface on it to use it in a 
non-phoenix environment. The ECM will make it single-threaded if it isn't 
marked ThreadSafe or Poolable.

> >I haven't actually gotten to the point of *running* with the altrmi stuff,
> >still retrofitting my code.
> Work with the tests in excalibut-altrmi first...  There are limitations
> to the use of AltRMI.  Some of which we roll back thr frontiers on,
> other may be more elusive (a method that returns a stream is out of
> reach at the moment).

I'm going full bore :) I need the speed increase + the potential to put 
inside the same JVM. All I'm doing is passing Serializable objects back and 
forth and it appears that piece is down pat. Plus it'll be a good stress 
test, we're kinda xp-ish over here so it'll be going into our internal 


peter royal -> proyal@managingpartners.com

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