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From Ole Bulbuk <Ole.Bul...@ebp.de>
Subject AW: deprecated api (ExcaliburComponentManager????)
Date Tue, 09 Apr 2002 14:27:20 GMT

> But in a "release", there are again incoherence :
> - incoherence between documentation and released api,
> - from scratch application need to use deprecated classes or methods
> like ECM.

> > ExcaliburComponentManager and friends are *not* deprecated.
> > Using them will definitely cause deprecation warnings in 
> the interim,
> > but that is the price to pay for backwards compatibility.

The ExcaliburComponentManager will is going to be deprecated???
I thought the standard ComponentManager should be deprecated and Phoenix was
still using it for some reason.
Is there a new component manager that provides roles, hints, etc ???
I just went through great pain to use the standard ComponentManager I got
from Phoenix only for blocks and to use the ExcaliburComponentManager for
all the components inside the block.

The ExcaliburComponentManager is used all the time in the white
paper/tutorial "Developing With Apache Avalon". Inside this paper it is
favored very much over the standard ComponentManager. There are two full
pages ("Making the Configuration Pretty") only about the advantages of the

I am puzzled.

Could a kind soul please tell me what to use instead?



P.S.: If it is just the DefaultComponentManager in the same package as
      the ExcaliburComponentManager everything is fine for me
      (I just would like a short note) because both are the same.
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