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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: the ultimate newbie test, part 2
Date Mon, 01 Apr 2002 22:31:58 GMT

Parts 1,2,3 excllent dude, keep it up... If I may just comment on one 
thing so far...

>3) it's called Apache Server Framework,
>   but it is a component library as well?
I feel that the Avalon band is a project comprosing the five sub projects

1) Framework interfaces
2) Excalibur component library
3) LogKit
4) Phoenix
5) Applications

In my opinion we need to use terms carefully.  "How do I use Avalon?" 
 is a consequence of bad branding.  What is really meant is how do I use 
Excalibur, or Phoenix or apply the framwork interfaces to my own 
project.  This happens so regularly, it is apparent there are problems. 
 Like you I think our website is part of the problem - "Avalon Server 
Framework" is in our logo.  It dilutes the brands of Avalon (per se) and 
Avalon Framework interfaces (only one part of our suite).

I think our logo should say Avalon Project, and the only place 
'framework' is used is in relation to (1) above.

Also I see Phoenix as a Server of servers (or a Java server of Java 
servers)  I'd like us to think of a move in the direction of that phrase 
in terms of branding.

- Paul

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