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From Paul Hammant <paul_hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [Altrmi} Thoughts
Date Fri, 26 Apr 2002 06:13:49 GMT

> While ideas about altrmi are being gestated I would like to throw out some of 
> mine. Note that this is probably not something that I can devote anytime to 
> now but it is something I would find useful in long term. 

> Basically I would like a simple API for making invocations on objects. It 
> should not be tied to any particular Object model or any transport layer (as 
> a matter of fact it sits right in between). 
> I have attached a zip with the files in it that describe the API. Basically 
> there is 4 parts.

I'll grant you that what we have is a tad more complicated than you have shown in the example
supplied, but I'd like to see that the general features match with what we have done so far.
chief difference as far as I can see is that we have generated proxies to make things look
normal java objects.  Your interfaces do not illustrate an example usage of the interfaces,
I'll guess you intend both normal java usage and a reflection-like method.invoke(..) interface

> * Invocation: represents the call
> * InvocationContext: represents the context information like security id, 
> transaction id etc.

We are mulling choices here but are likely to do the same.

> * Invoker: the thing that "executes" the Invocation - can be async or sync.
> * InvocationListener: The call back when running async invocations to notify 
> that call has completed
> The reason for this architecture is that it would allow you to reliably scale 
> up as you are no longer tied to the single-thread per call model and all 
> sorts of goodies become apparent.

We are not currently tied to any threading model.  At least I think we are not.  We can lump
multiple threads on the client side together to call the server through the same altrmi

I think you are referring to server-side though in the context of one thread multiplexing

> Anyways I just thought I would drop a few thoughts :)

keep em up dude...


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