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From Michael Nash <miken...@jglobalonline.com>
Subject Re: Do you *really* not need localized exceptions?
Date Tue, 23 Apr 2002 21:52:22 GMT

Comment from the peanut gallery: I definitely understand the need for localized exceptions
(or the messages in the exceptions, anyway). Although the *user* might see a more polite (and
internationalized) message, the sys admin for most of my clients isn't a native english-speaker
either, so making them wade through an english message isn't my first choice.


On Tue, 23 Apr 2002 19:40:27 +0200
Ole Bulbuk <Ole.Bulbuk@ebp.de> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have noticed that there exists a package org.apache.avalon.excalibur.i18n
> that supports internationalization/localization. So I suppose somebody is
> using it. The thing I usually need most on the server side is localized
> exceptions since they might be shown to the user (e. g. in a message box) on
> the client side. And I don't really like to ignore this like Sun and all the
> others who just create exceptions with hard coded (english text) strings.
> Even M$ doesn't bother a user with english error messages on a german
> Windows. And I really don't want to be under the standard of M$. So I really
> would like to solve this problem and I suppose the problem is common enough
> for the solution to be provided somewhere under the avalon umbrella.
> I usually create an abstract base I18nException/L7dException for this, that
> is
> really returning a localized message when getLocalizedMessage() is called.
> It could/should extend CascadingException and provide something like the
> following constructors:
> 1. I18nException(Object hint, Serializable[] params, Throwable cause)
> 2. I18nException(Serializable[] params, Throwable cause)
> 3. I18nException(Serializable[] params)
> 4. I18nException(Object hint, Serializable[] params)
> The hint would help in finding the right format string (added to the FCQN of
> the exception) from a excalibur.i18n.Resources. Implementations would
> provide static format strings for the getMessage() method or if the
> resources aren't found. So there shouldn't be any performance issues when
> getLocalizedMessage() isn't used.
> The params are used as the arguments array to MessageFormat.format() and the
> cause is of course used for the CascadingException.
> I would be willing to provide such an exception class if desired.
> I suppose it would be best to have it in the
> org.apache.avalon.excalibur.i18n package since people who don't care about
> i18n won't make use of it anyway.
> Otherwise I will put it in a EBP (company) package if you aren't interested.
> Getting it out later will be more difficult since people here might think I
> stole it from the company.
> Of course it would be nice to be able to configure the logging mechanism to
> use the getLocalizedMessage() method. So the system administrator will get
> messages he is able to understand (logging the name of the exception, the
> hint and the params might be even better if the log file is read via a
> special application, so a german administrator is able to administrate a
> server located in Japan).
> Regards,
> Ole
> P.S.: Sorry for the eye-catching style but my last message regarding this
>       subject was ignored?
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> 14482 Potsdam           WWW:    http://www.ebp.de
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