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From <david.g...@hic.gov.au>
Subject Logkit: RevolvingFileStrategy - suggested changes.
Date Mon, 25 Mar 2002 03:44:59 GMT

May have to rethink somewhat this code as I forgot to take account of what
happens when only some of the rotations are present eg there are 10
rotations specified but the system has only written a lessor number out.
Discovered when I tried the change under AIX.

Here is a revised version which seems to show the right behaviour (at least
on the Unix system at work). I will observe the behaviour over the next few
days to check that it really does roll over correctly.

(See attached file: RevolvingFileStrategy.java)

---------------------- Forwarded by David Gray/CO/HIC on 25/03/2002 14:18

David Gray
25/03/2002 09:16

To:    "'Avalon Developers List'" <avalon-dev@jakarta.apache.org>

Subject:    Logkit: RevolvingFileStrategy - suggested changes.

I got sick-and-tired of having this class restart the current revolving
suffix every time I restarted the program so I whiped up some code to
implement one of the TODOs - namely scanning the file system looking for
the oldest file number. (Actual took about 5 hours so "whiped" is not the
correct word).

I have tested this against my NT 2000 machine at home but not against a
Unix/Aix/Linux box although the code should be portable ;->.

Would appreciate someone looking at this (are you there Pete) and seeing
whether it is good enough to get included into Logkit's next release. There
are some tricks, it needs to treat filenames without paths a little
differently to those with paths. And I did not assume the files came back
in any particular order. In the meantime I intend to use it in my project
as an industrial strength test.

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