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From "bill pope" <bill.p...@icommobile.com>
Subject RE: Should DataSourceComponent really be ThreadSafe
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2002 10:05:06 GMT
I work with Angela and we agree that the question should be refined a
little. We are using the J2eeDataSource implimentation of the
DataSourceComponent interface. Also Angela meant to say a single connection
pool with muliple connections rather than "mutilpe Connection pools". In
multi-user stress testing we seem to have hit a bottle neck and we wondered
if the fact that the J2eeDataSource component was a singleton might be the
problem. Could someone provide us with an explanation as to why it is a
singleton. Is it just a wrapper to get at the pooled db connections and so
the singleton appraoch is required to aid the mangement of the db connection
pool. Sorry if this seems trivial.

Thanks again


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From: angela gormley [mailto:angela.gormley@IcomMobile.com]
Sent: 07 March 2002 09:21
To: avalon-dev@jakarta.apache.org
Cc: Vincent Massol (Icom) (E-mail); Bill (E-mail); Dave Garthwaite
Subject: Should DataSourceComponent really be ThreadSafe

Hello folks,
We have recently adopted the AValon Component framework and replaced our own
JDBC Service with one using Avalon classes. When running with a
multithreaded application on WebLogic 6.1 we get strange results which we
think may be caused by am incompatibility between our JDBC Access component
and the Avalon DataSourceComponent.

We want the JDBCAccess Component to be SingleThreaded ( multi instance )
however the DataSOurceComponent we wish to use implements ThreadSafe .... Is
this intentional , surely making the DataSourceComponent  a singleton
defeats the purpose of having mutilpe Connection pools n the first place  ??

Looking forward to your reasoning for doing this .


Angela Gormley
iCOM Mobile Ltd
Tel:  028 90232023

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