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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Question: Avalon and EJBs together
Date Wed, 27 Mar 2002 14:50:57 GMT

>>Are you interested most in
>>1) framework methods
>>2) the excalibur tool kit
>>3) logging the avalon way
>>4) server apps co-exiting in the same virtual machine?
>Yes... ;-) I guess what Vincent Massol achieved (integrating
>Avalon and EJBs) is EXACTLY what I'm looking after:
I think he was interesting in using avalon-framework interfaces in EJB.

Therefore I will asume you mean avalon-framework interfaces when you say 
"Avalon" (refer 1,2,3,4 above).

>>>Thus we are able :
>>>- to use Avalon Components
>>>- to use standard java classes (to be migrated to components
>>>  in the future or will act as helper classes of components)
>>>- to use EJBs
>>>- All 3 kinds can call each other with no problem
>>>- All 3 kind use a unified system configuration file
>>>- All 3 kind use a unified logging service (based on Log4j)
>>There are hundreds of concise bits of code for an example orientated 
>>person (like you and me).  Please tell me which of the above so I can 
>>direct you further.
>I don't know if I'm being specific enough. I guess I would
>find extremely useful if I could do the following:
>* Start from a simple but meaningful Avalon example (non-EJB).
Hmmm, non EJB.  Well I will refer you to phoenix comps that I know best. 
 Look for HelloWorld server in jakarta-avalon-apps.  Alternatively look 
for uses of methods "compose" "contextualize" "initialize" "start" in 
the same CVS tree.

>* Add and EJB piece (maybe a stateless session bean), unrelated
>  to the Avalon functionality.
Can;t help.  Would like to se the simple example myself.

>* Unify logging across the Avalon and EJB parts.
1) Implement LogEnabled 2) how to invoke the enableLogging() method in a 
bean machine.... I'd like to see that too.

>* Unify configuration across the Avalon and EJB parts.

>* Come up with some sort of "base component" (a base class?
>  an interface? a pattern? a set of documents?) that shows
>  how one should write Avalon and EJBs together.

>That's why I'm very hopeful in seeing whatever documentation
>Vincent and Jeremias can come up with.
Me too.

- Paul

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