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From Mark Woon <morph...@SMI.Stanford.EDU>
Subject Introduction
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2002 09:27:24 GMT

It looks like I'm the latest addition to the Avalon team, and since
I wouldn't want to break with tradition...

My name's Mark Woon and I'm 25 years old.  I graduated from Princeton
University with a CS degree.  I'm currently living in northern
California, and work in Stanford University's Medical Infomatics
department.  We're working on developing a
pharmacogenetic/pharmacogenomic knowledge base that will allow
researchers to understand how genetic variation contributes to variation
in the response to drugs.  One benefit of this research would be to
enable doctors to customize your prescription based on your genes (eg.
higher or lower dosages, different kinds of medications, etc).

Prior to this, I worked at Netscape/iPlanet/AOL (take your pick).  Most
of my time there was spent on their web server, although I also worked
on the app server and meta-directory server.  I was responsible for
installation and server management, and if you've ever installed/managed
the iPlanet web server, you've probably had to deal with some of my
code...  ;)  Since then, I've sworn off any work related to
install/uninstall/upgrades, which is just a major PITA, especially on
products that have to ship on 7 different OS's.

After working on the web server and before working on the meta-directory
server, I took a year off during the height of the dot-com craze to try
to start a company with a friend (doing monitoring/analysis of sentiment
in the financial/investment world).  Let's just say that the millions
I was hoping for failed to materialize...

While I've been using Linux since 1994 and have benefited greatly from
all the OSS projects around, I've never really had the time/opportunity
to contribute back, and I'm very excited to finally be able to do so.


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