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From Peter Donald <pe...@apache.org>
Subject Re: New AltProfile package
Date Mon, 11 Mar 2002 22:21:44 GMT

Love to see this written down and put in a package.html doc :) Do you want to 
volunteer ? :)

On Thu, 7 Mar 2002 23:53, Marcus Crafter wrote:
> Hi Leif,
> 	Well, after a short interlude with our project work here, I was
> 	finally able to have a look at your altprofile code.
> 	Nice stuff. It's certainly a lot further advanced than the code
> 	I'd written. Well done.
> 	I've tried to get my head around your design, etc. Please tell
> 	me if the following analysis is right:
> 	-----------------------------------------------------------------
> 	The profile manager maintains a list of profilable objects,
> 	registered either automatically by the profilable component
> 	manager, or manually via a registerProfilable() method on the
> 	manager itself.
> 	Each profilable exposes 0 to many profile points which maybe of
> 	type 'value', or 'counter'.
> 	Upon registration with the profile manager, a profilable proxy
> 	is created which manages profile point proxies across threadsafe
> 	and non thread safe components.
> 	Profile point proxies let you register listener classes for
> 	updates from the profile points themselves. The listeners can be
> 	implementors of a lower level ProfilePointListener class, or
> 	high level Sample classes.
> 	The profile manager can be configured to automatically create a
> 	set of listeners (samplers in this case) for particular profile points
> 	on a particular profilable. Samplers configured in this way can
> 	be accessed via the profile manager. The gui reporter essentially
> 	iterates through the list of available samplers when building
> 	it's menu's.
> 	When profilables update their profile points, each listener is
> 	informed of the update, along the lines of the observer pattern.
> 	The profiler manager exposes an array of all profilable descriptor
> 	objects, which in turn expose an array of all profile point
> 	descriptor objects, which offer reporting tools a way at
> 	accessing the profilable objects this manager manages and
> 	registering listeners.
> 	-----------------------------------------------------------------
> 	Does this analysis sound right ? Is there anything I've missed ? I do
> 	have a few comments, but I want to make sure I've understood everything
> 	first. :-)
> 	Cheers,
> 	Marcus



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