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From "Gerhard Froehlich" <gerhard_froehl...@at.ibm.com>
Subject Re: .NET Port of LogKit
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2002 09:21:00 GMT

I don't know if I want Microsoft c# <spit> here. I just coded a little bit
c# at the weekend, because know your enemy ;-). It's a shamless
plug of Java and nothing really innovative. They just put their dirty
COM objects in a package structure under hud of their so called
language independet CLR VM. And it's more a marketing trick
to get us Java devs on the MS side. In the API they don't mention
in one word Java, as it would not exist, so C# don't exist for me.


That's my personal view. I would rather like to see a C++ port here ;).

But I'm young and I like to polarize...


>For what it was worth it was me who encouraged Justin to submit this to
>list. I don't really know much about C# but it does look interesting from
>technical perspective.
>If no one has any objections I would love to see this sit in an Avalon CVS
>watch how it evolves and so forth. Especially if one day I have to switch
>C# :)
>So what does everyone say?
>> Hello All!
>> I've worked on a variety of projects that all had different ways to log
>> information.  Some of them extensible, most of them not.  So I started
>> using log4net which is a .NET port of log4j, but I didn't like all the
>> configuration stuff I had to have in there because it either had to come
>> from a configuration file (which only applications can have) or an XML
>> element class.  Neither of which I liked.
>> As luck would have it, I ran across LogKit.  It has the same heirarchal
>> categories that log4j has minus the configuration headaches.  Unlike
>> there is no .NET port.  So I ported it.
>> You can download the bits that I have so far at
>> http://www.pinetree-tech.com/code/logkit.zip
>> It is version  The reason being is because I don't have the
>> ContextMap code in their yet.  I'm still working on how .NET does thread
>> local storage.  Also I only have 2 log targets, Stream and TextWriter.
>> before I'm 1.0 complete, I need the FileStrategy, RotateStrategy,
>> ContextMap, and Priority filters.
>> In the ZIP file, you'll find a NAnt (http://nant.sourceforge.net/) build
>> script.  Its pretty simple right now.  I'm trying to get the Microsoft
>> compiler so I can build the documentation.
>> I am wondering whether or not you all would like this in the CVS
>> of LogKit?  If not, no biggee.  I'll put in SourceForge.  Either way,
>> right now you can download the code from the above link.

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