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From "Gerhard Froehlich" <gerhard_froehl...@at.ibm.com>
Subject Re: .NET Port of LogKit
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2002 10:34:02 GMT

Hi Pete,

>> I don't know if I want Microsoft c# <spit> here. I just coded a little
>> c# at the weekend, because know your enemy ;-). It's a shamless
>> plug of Java and nothing really innovative.
>I don't know about that. They have some nice concepts and several things
>I really really really wish java had (metadata being the most obvious
>aswell as a nicer library management system).

I know, know, but when you dig deeper you will see how inconsistent
is. It's to much marketing driven. It's a shame, because there are sure
devs with great ideas at MS.

> don't plan to use it in the near future but if there is ever an open
>implementation of it (see Mono project) that becomes mature enough and
>me to cross compile my java files then I would definetly be interested in

But you can't compile for i.e. C++ as is for .NET in the moment. You need a
compiler, or Eiffel#, or a Java# compiler... That's typical MS again.

>> They just put their dirty
>> COM objects in a package structure under hud of their so called
>> language independet CLR VM. And it's more a marketing trick
>> to get us Java devs on the MS side. In the API they don't mention
>> in one word Java, as it would not exist, so C# don't exist for me.
>Does JSP mention ASP?
>Does EJB mention its predecessors?
>Does JDBC mention JDBC?
>Do you think any of the gaming profile will mention DirectX?
>etc :)
>I think this goes both ways. Parts of core JDK are shameless copies of
>existing infrastructures - from "open" languages like smalltalk to closed
>products ala ASP.

Good point, nothing to add here.

>> That's my personal view. I would rather like to see a C++ port here ;).
>That would be nice but I would also like C#, C, python, tcl, delphi etc
>versions. The different perspectives may spark an idea that we had
>missed or failed to pick up on. More different implementations -
>from different perspectives can only help us be better equiped to write
>next version of whatever.

Ok I see your point. Maybe it's time to look on the framework and the
and not on the language in which it is finally written. Maybe it's more
to follow this way and not get sucked into this Microsoft vs.
war. But I'm afraid that the politics of Microsoft will rule out Java. That
be a pity, or ;).

So far +1 to see the implementation here. Maybe objective possibilty to
rate the power of .NET.

greets from mr. ambivalent ;)


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