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From Antti Koivunen <anryo...@users.sourceforge.net>
Subject Re: [VOTE] RE: ComponentManager interface
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2002 21:03:36 GMT

Stephen McConnell wrote:
> I understand and support the concern re. mixing in the Parameter
> object.  Personally I would prefer Map over Query. Here is my
> understanding of what the interface would look like (all method
> included) based on quasi "consensus" at this stage + your
> suggested replacement of Parameters with Map.
>   interface ServiceManager
>   {
>      Object lookup( final String role );
>      Object lookup( final String role, final Map attributes );
>      boolean hasObject( final String role );
>      void release( Object object );
>   }
> Is this ok with everyone?

I can't vote, but it looks fine to me. For what it's worth, Parameters 
would allow us to define the needed component with a single string, e.g. 
"com.mycompany.MyComponent:myParam=value,yourParam=42", but Map does 
allow potentially more efficient implementations.

(: Anrie ;)
Antti Koivunen | "Anrie" [un-ree] <anryoshi@users.sf.net>
The song of life might not be a simple one,
but there's plenty of room for improvisation.

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