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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Cornerstone ToDo List
Date Sat, 09 Feb 2002 13:00:34 GMT

The biggest thing holding it back is docs at the moment.

As for the BCEL compiler, you'd have a LOT of fans if you managed to 
deliver a service/block that could help dynamically write Java.  For my 
AltRMI project I had to fork the Jasper compiler wrapper as BCEL was 
impossible (for me) to understand enough to use.  

It might be better to write the BCEL wrapper as an Excalibur package, 
but to also supply a block that re-wraps it in Cornerstone.  This way 
projects like Cocoon (which only use Excalibur) can use it, plus bigger 
Phoenix based apps can too with the additional benefot of taking 
configuration from assembly.xml and config.xml

The form, normally, is to work away on something, the email a patch or 
java source to this list.  New coders are judged on the quality of the 
"diffs" and ultimately proposed as committers when it becomes too 
arduous for people to keep applying the diffs.

- Paul

>I'm new to the world of Avalon, but I've been studying the code and the 
>docs for about a month. I think I'm ready to dive in and start helping 
>where needed.
>But where to start? My impression is that Cornerstone may be the best 
>place to start, while I continue to learn the framework and Phoenix 
>architecture. Are any of the items on the Cornerstone "to do" list still 
>valid? I was thinking of working on the Java compiler item, using BCEL & 
>Suggestions and comments are most welcome...
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