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From Christian Heller <christian.hel...@tuxtax.de>
Subject Order of Lifecycle Interfaces
Date Sat, 02 Feb 2002 23:44:43 GMT

just entered this list cause I like the ideas you have in Avalon concerning
the use of "concerns" for components and their lifecycle as mentioned in:
Just some questions:

1 Configurations
Normally, a system has more than just one configuration, e.g. a
SystemConfiguration and a UserConfiguration. Do you mean to configure all
things in Lifecycle point 4 "configure"? Setting system parameters first and
then user parameters, having a higher priority and so overwriting some system

2 Login dialog - GUI
But to get to know the user, the system has to ask per "Login Dialog" for a
login + password etc. Only then the user config can be determined from
his/her home directory.
Problem: To open up a login dialog, the system has to know whether it works
with a Swing or a Servlet/JSP GUI. So, at least this "gui parameter" has to
be read from a config before, the system config.
2.1 Do you think it would make sense to split up the various config concerns
for system, user etc. into new concerns?
2.2 Would it make sense to introduce a new concern "authorizable" or
"authenticable" (I always mix them up) which would have to be placed before
"configure" as the user config has to be read after authentication per login.

3 SystemConfig as command line parameter
Our components are prepared to run standalone and from a container.
To give them at least some very basic settings, I thought about handing over
the location of the SystemConfiguration on command line/from the container?
(Before I open the login dialog to get to know the user and determine the
UserConfig, I need to know at least, if Swing or Servlet GUI is used.)

4 Some of your interfaces don't appear in the life-cycle, such as Executable.
Where to place execute then?

5 Your description of "initialize" is "to allocate memory" etc. Similarly,
"dispose" is to free memory. So what about "finalize" then? Shouldn't the
names of "dispose" be "finalize"?

Many thanks for your answers,
best regards,

- Information in Medicine -

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