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From "Justin Rudd" <jr...@pinetree-tech.com>
Subject Re: .NET Port of LogKit
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2002 23:58:58 GMT
> I know, know, but when you dig deeper you will see how inconsistent
> everything is.

Just out of curiosity, what do you find inconsistent?  I know I've found
some inconsistencies in how things are implemented, but that's life when you
have 100s of developers working on one project.  I think it is fairly clean
given how many people were/are working on it.

> It's to much marketing driven. It's a shame, because there are sure
> good devs with great ideas at MS.

I'll admit the MS Marketing machine went crazy and started calling
everything .NET (Exchange, BizTalk, etc.).  They really through out a lot of
FUD that muddy the picture of the CLR and what it can be.

> Ok I see your point. Maybe it's time to look on the framework and the
> design and not on the language in which it is finally written.

C#, VB.NET, Eiffel#, etc. are all just syntatic sugaring.  The language that
is finally used is called MSIL (Microsoft Intermediary Language) which is
very similiar to Java Byte Code.

I think that people keep focusing on the language and not the framework as
you suggest.  The framework is awesome!  I finally get the good stuff that
you Java guys have had for awhile :-)

> So far +1 to see the implementation here. Maybe objective possibilty to
> rate the power of .NET.

Awesome!  I'm hoping if this goes well that I can start porting the Avalon
Framework, etc.  Ya'll have got a lot of great code and design in this
project.  I want to open it up to the other side.  I think that .NET
developers would love to use Avalon Framework and Excalibur.  Right now no
one (that I know of) is thinking about how to extend the framework and make
it (the framework) easier to work with.  Its all about "Fire up my wizard
and get some code!".


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