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From "Guthrie, John" <JGuth...@air.org>
Subject javadoc - can I help?
Date Thu, 10 Jan 2002 14:49:21 GMT
Just joined the list, just starting to look at the project. This is great
stuff. My one complaint right now is the javadoc. It seems that most things
I look up have the bare-bones (read "none") javadoc entries. For instance,
today I was looking at the excaliber pool implementations to see what
happens when I try to get something from a Pool where all resources are
already taken up - does it block or does it return immediately with a null
(or do either - right now I need the latter behavior)? But the javadoc for
Pool's get() reads:
 public Poolable get()
             throws java.lang.Exception

So what I'd be willing to take on, unless someone else is doing this, is a
first pass at writing some real javadoc for some of this stuff, since I
figure I will dig into the code anyway.

I'm new to jakarta and avalon, so like I said I don't know the procedures,
so if I am way off base. my apologies. Elsewise, is this an idea and, if so,
how should I start?



john guthrie
american institutes for research

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