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From Antti Koivunen <anryo...@users.sourceforge.net>
Subject Cache Performance
Date Mon, 07 Jan 2002 19:18:56 GMT

As caching is used to improve application performance, the cache 
operations themselves should be as fast as possible. While I like the 
modular design of the proposed Excalibur cache, there are a few issues 
that can potentially limit the performance.

1. The Cache interface is a bit too heavy

Most components use cache just as a 'place to put get things from', so 
they have no need for cache listeners. Some might also want to decide 
for themselves if an element is to be considered valid, without having 
to encapsulate this functionality in CacheValidators.

Would it make sense to limit Cache to provide just the necessary 
methods, and extend this with a ValidatingCache to support event 
listeners and pluggable CacheValidators? Actually, it would be even 
possible to define a

   ValidatingCacheProxy(Cache cache, CacheValidator validator)

that would provide this functionality to any cache implementation, 
without sacrificing performance when it's not needed.

2. Cache should probably not extend ThreadSafe

While 97% of all applications need a thread-safe cache, this is not 
always the case. For example, in performance sensitive event-driven 
architectures, there might be a single worker thread using the cache 
that really doesn't need the additional cost of acquiring and releasing 
object locks.

Naturally, it would be possible to define a synch proxy to turn any 
unsynchronized Cache into a thread-safe one.

3. Cache + CacheStore + ReplacementPolicy

I really like the good separation of concerns. However, this does have 
some performace implications as these components could be tightly 
integrated. This is of course just a minor implementation detail (not 
required by the Cache interface).

BTW, probably the best way to implement LRUPolicy, would be to use a 
custom linked list backed by a HashMap to hold the entries for quick 

4. Good work, that's all :)

All things considered, very nice OOD.

Thanks for reading my first post on this list. Hopefully it wasn't a 
complete waste of your time.

(: Anrie ;)

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