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From Ryan Shaw <r...@silveregg.co.jp>
Subject Re: An Editoral on Frameworks and IoC (was: RE: Inversion of Control Question)
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2002 01:03:19 GMT
Thanks for all the comments on IOC.

To summarize what I think I understood:

The IOC design constraint in Avalon is 
primarily focussed on Components, and the 
Container-Component relationship, although 
it can also be usefully applied anywhere where
there is a clear parent-child relationship
between classes.

In some cases it makes more sense to view
collaborating classes as peers, rather
than as parent and child, and in these
cases IOC is not such a useful concept.

In any event, evaluating whether or not a 
particular piece of a system breaks IOC is
not a matter of looking for certain "bad" 
syntactic constructs (passing references to
parent, etc.), but rather a matter of
evaluating the semantics of the relationship
in question (i.e. making sure that "control,"
however it is defined in that context, is


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