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From Peter Donald <pe...@apache.org>
Subject Re: General questions about JMX and Phoenix
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2002 03:03:23 GMT
On Fri, 11 Jan 2002 00:11, Fred Yeomans wrote:
> I am fairly new to both JMX and Phoenix. My team and I are developing a
> server built within the Phoenix framework, and I am looking at options for
> the management app/console. I have several questions about the current
> state of JMX within Phoenix, as well as the intended/planned architecture:

Currently the state is unfortunately "not yet there". The main reason is that 
writing the management console (either swing or servlet based) is not 
something that anyone has found sexy to do ;)

The MBeans for server and friends is thus not yet fully developed. However if 
you need for the phoenix MBeans to be more fully operational then feel free 
to prod me and I will happy to do that part. Some of it I have already done 
and just have to migrate across into the main phoenix tree while some of it 
is in my head (and still other bits are completely not done yet).

> 1) Currently, how much of Phoenix is actually instrumented?

About the only thing that is *usefully* instrumented is the embeddor which 
allows you to start/stop phoenix and restart the JVM (if you are running 
under the wrapper.sourceforge.net project).

Other parts may be partially done but not in a useful manner. To have a look 
at the beans start up the server with the --remote-manager option and goto 
http://localhost:8082/ to see the beans.

> 2) What is the planned model for using JMX and Phoenix together. I see two
> "high-level" approaches (based on my limited knowledge so far): a) Run
> Phoenix as it is now (via the scripts in the bin folder), having Phoenix
> instantiate the MBeanServer, etc., and register the managed components
> within Phoenix with the MBeanServer.

Thats the way it is done now.

> (b) Have a server run separately,
> which instantiates the MBeanServer, and then creates an instance of Phoenix
> as an MBean under that server.

I know one person who has done that to get phoenix running under a weblogic 
server - I could poke them for more information if you want/need it.

> 3) Is it planned that components deployed under Phoenix would themselves be
> manageable? If so, how would they get registered with the MBeanServer -
> would they do this themselves, or would Phoenix register them as it created
> them?

It is expected that at some point components will be exposed by the 
MBeanServer and it is actually only about 2-3 hours to get this up and 
running properly. The way we have envisoned it is by having phoenix 
automatically export MBeans that are marked as Managable in their descriptor 
using an interface supplied by the Block.

We have also talked about allowing applications access to the MBeanServer 
directly but haven't really decided how to go about doing that as such yet.

I believe Mircea was going to have a go at that so you may want to ask him to 
see what he thinks ;)



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