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From Peter Royal <pro...@managingpartners.com>
Subject Re: New Profiler hooks
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2001 02:47:56 GMT
It looks like you read over it before Berin incorporated changes from our 
exchange... might want to go back and look again :)

On Wednesday 12 December 2001 08:55 pm, you wrote:
> * Does it allow for push and pull?
> ie can the component to push the profile data regardless of whether anyone
> is listeneing. Can the Profiler actually pull a sample out any time it
> wants?

>From the interfaces described, yes to both of those. A component can keep 
updating ProfilePoints regardless of whether or not a Profiler is actually 

> * Most things I know about would have components with multiple points. Is
> this supported? Also sometimes points are aggregations of other points - is
> this supported ? Something that may be useful would be to do something like
> //second parameter is the factor that the child point contribts to this
> point myProfilePoint.getChildPoint( "some-string-designation", 0.01f );
> In this way you could support hierarchies of points

hmm. can you give a more concrete example of where the aggregation would be 
used? But for the first question, yes. A component can have multiple points.

> * kinda related to above but is there a way for the container to associate
> "context" information with a point. ie a Point may say it is measuring
> variable X but the container may prepend this with
> "myContainer.myComponentName."

Each ProfilePoint has a string name associated with it.


peter royal -> proyal@managingpartners.com

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