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From Patrick Hess <patrick.h...@metazoa.de>
Subject Re: new to avalon -- problems
Date Fri, 28 Dec 2001 14:29:30 GMT

Desire ATANGA wrote:

> There is a mistake in the avalon documentation and you must have to use "name" 
> instead of "hint".

Thank a lot!!! The documentaion should be upgraded ;) I wonder why there
isn't any working example downloadable - or did I missed it? I'm
thinking of creating an package with the examples from the PDF file
ready to compile and try (as a lesson for me ;)) ...

> On the other hand it is your own mistake to not have 
> included a driver.

That's what I thought! I had the <driver> Line in an other listing
yesterday but I kicked the line out again to use the "pure" example
from the PDF. I never got an exception complaining the missing driver
so I continued solving the base problem.

> I think the following will work better.
> [...]
>     <datasources>
>       <jdbc name="documents">
>         <pool-controller min="5" max="10" />
>         <auto-commit>false</auto-commit>
>         <driver>org.mysql.MySqlDriver</driver>
>         <dburl>jdbc:mysql:myhost/testdb</dburl>
>         <user>user</user>
>         <password>secret</password>
>       </jdbc>
>     </datasources>
> [...]

Most people will use the MM I think... So it should read


Thanks for you help!!!!

Patrick Hess

| metazoa GmbH        | fon   +49-211-175447-20 |
| Erkrather Str. 206  | fax   +49-211-175447-27 |
| 40233 Düsseldorf    | mail  p.hess@metazoa.de |

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