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From Paul Hammant <Paul_Hamm...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Breaking Excalibur into smaller swords (was Re: Synergies between Avalon and Commons projects ?)
Date Thu, 27 Dec 2001 12:59:17 GMT

>PH>  Do you really need one VM  for all the server components?
>We are build distributed application by definition. But use own VM for
>each component is too expensive.
>Each component require at minimum CORBA ORB. ORB require many
>resources for have ORB per component policy.
You'll have to wait many months for us to have a good set of Phoenix 
compatible applications.  You could help out, but I suspect your company 
might not approve too much code donation to Apache.  You also have a lot 
to learn... Berin's documents on the web are very good, but at some 
point you'll need to write your own hello-world apps for Phoenix before 
you finally understand it and estimate it's worth.  Start with the PDK 
in Phoenix for the lightest server impl.

Perhaps think of Glue (SOAP) instead of CORBA.  We have ablock for that, 
but like others it does not work with the latest code from its authors - 

>And we need one Logging, Configuration, LifeCycle, etc. for all components independent
>component VM, hardware server.
>We are too small company for develop all this features many times.
I've been there too.

- Paul H

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