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From Manju <man...@snb.psi.soft.net>
Subject A Query on phoenix-4.0a3
Date Thu, 27 Dec 2001 08:29:55 GMT
  I am trying to develop and run few applications on phoenix-4.0a3.
Before doing this i have few queries on phoenix-4.0a3, it would be
really helpful if you clarify these doubts for us...
1. First thing is, Why do we need phoenix? I agree that it makes use of
few other
    subprojects(Excalibur, logkit, framework) which might be of some
help, but still, what
    are the advantages of using phoenix. How helpful will it be for my
2. Should all the applications under apps directory be web based atleast
a server based
    application which listens to some port?
3. Can one application talk to another application talk to another
application under the
    apps directory(i know this should be possible)?
4  Can i have more than one webserver/servlet engine under the apps
directory? For
    example there is something called avalon-bay from cornerstone which
uses tomcat.
    Will it be OK if i have two or more applications using tomcat or any
other server for
    that matter?.
5. When i execute run.bat from phoenix, how will it identify and start
the servers under
    apps directory?
6. Will i be able to run any webserver, for example, iPlanet, Weblogic,
    ...over phoenix?

Please do reply asap....

Thanks and Regards
Manjunath R

Senior Software Engineer
PSI Data Systems Ltd.
ShankarNarayana Building,
MG Road,
Bangalore - 560025

Tel: 5321829, extn: 248

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