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From Uli Mayring <u...@denic.de>
Subject Re: [phoenix] Mock UI for Management Console
Date Sun, 25 Nov 2001 14:44:13 GMT
On Sun, 25 Nov 2001, Paul Hammant wrote:

> I am quite interested in the RMI API.  I'd like to start a Swing 
> management console that could be opened inside Jesktop (or standalone). 

Another wild and unrelated idea, I've been tossing in my head for almost
two years now. Apache fop can render XSLFO to AWT events (haven't tried,
as AWT is icky), perhaps it would be possible to make it render to Swing
for full-fledged GUI frontends.

Since fop can also render to XML, it would probably be trivial to make it
render to XHTML for browser-based frontends.

Why that? Well, instead of ranting on and on and stepping on everyone's
toes agains, I'll just say that the following very brief statement is my
personal opinion and overly broad:

An application consists of data, user interface and logic(*). Most people
agree that data should nowadays be represented in XML. I say that the UI
and at least parts of the logic should too. The Schemox people have the
right idea (http://www.schemox.org).


(*) LP-freaks forgive me. I was one of you and have strayed from the path

Ulrich Mayring
DENIC eG, Softwareentwicklung

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