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From "Gerhard Froehlich" <g-froehl...@gmx.de>
Subject RE: [AvalonDB] soapification <> rmification
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2001 15:58:24 GMT
>>I extended the glue class. Now it should
>>create and install the remote object.
>>side question:
>>when I extend the my class from a some 
>>object and not from AbstractLogger, how 
>>can I get the Logger???
>That's really cool dude.  As you say we've lost loggable, be there is an 
>interface we can impl for that to get it back.  
Great to have it back...
>A few problems:
>1) Can't call it glue as it clashes with the SOAP service of the same name.
Ok, then I can name it different. I just took the same name as the SOAP
service (didn't thought much...).
Hmm copy and paste isn't always best...
>2) you're setting this up as a basic cornerstone block.  We'll need a 
>service an RMIification service (which you've implemented by not supplied).
Uups, really. Should be in the zip file...
>3) I am not sure it will work to the same level as Glue does by taking 
>*any* interface and publishing that.  All interfaces handled over RMI 
>must implement RemoteException (sucks IMHO).
>4) We should really have a fully completed block before booking it into 
>cornerstone.  You've left some hopeful TODOs.
>Having said all of that it, like SOAPification hints at a way to "value 
>add" an existing service for remote use.  This overlaps with a long 
>running discussion on how to generally publish servics over RMI.  Loads 
>of options and much debate.  I still owe Peter a re-read of one of his 
>emails and a considered reposnse (will do soon Peter).
>In summary, if we do this, I think we can put the class in transport.rmi 
>like SoapDatabaseManager...  It will work there and not interfere with 
>long terms plans for RMI enablement of services. A very interesting 
>solution though..  One that we coul use for other blocks (FtpServer, 
> James Etc.)
Ok I see, this proposal needs some more thoughts as a 30min hack :). But
it was just a proposal and for me a exercise to get familar with phoenix,
cornerstore, blocks and stuff. I'm more that kind of dev who try, fail
and learn (ask the people from the cocoon2 project :)). 
Of course it is not a valid cornerstore block and I only wanted some 
new impressions to get behind the scene. And I got it, thanx for the 
patience, mate.

Let's put that RMI stuff, as you proposed, in our AvalonDB packages.
And maybe we can indentify a more generic solution later.

Thanx a lot


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