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From "Gerhard Froehlich" <g-froehl...@gmx.de>
Subject Introduction of New Committer
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2001 10:40:17 GMT
Since Wendsday 2001/11/07 01:50 I'm a new
committer in this great society. Now it's
time to introduce myself a little bit.

My name is Gerhard Froehlich, I'm 25 years old
and grow up in a little province nest in south
germany near lake konstanz. Actually I live in
vienna. I studied computer science and economy 
(combined study) and graduated in 1999. Afterwards
I worked until now at Kabel New Media AG in 
Friedrichshafen and Vienna. We programmed primarily
shopsystems,like buecher.de and wom.de. First 
with C, Perl and DB2 under IBM systems, later
everything with Java Servlets, Oracle mostly under 
SUN Systems. So my experiences ranges from C, C++, 
Delphy, Perl to Java, from AIX to Linux, from RMI
to CORBA...
When I was young I programmed Basic, Assembler
and Pascal on my old Commodore PC20 *sigh*.

Actually I'm unemployed, because my company didn't
survive the new economy crash this year. In the 
beginning of next year, I will work as Software 
Developer for IBM Vienna.

Through my participation in the cocoon project I 
had to learn the Avalon way. After some difficulties
in the beginning, I'm very inspired of the quality
of your work and it's great experience to work with
you guys.

So enough blala. Actually I'm working with Paul on the
AvalonDB and I use this possibility to invite some more
people to join us.

Stay tuned

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