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From "Bachran, Michael" <MBach...@onebridge.de>
Subject ECM, Pooling, Recycable
Date Thu, 29 Nov 2001 14:03:56 GMT

I have some question on the ExcaliburComponentManager. 
As it seems to me it behaves like the following if I implement the LifeStyle
interfaces ThreadSafe or Poolable:

1) I will get back an instance that may have been used before.
2) LifeCycle is managed when requesting the object (first time).
3) Pool is filled up on first request.

Maybe it is some kind of caching, but can't 2) and 3) be done already when
initializing the ECM (thinking of performance)?
If 1) is correct, I don't get the meaning of recycable as I will reuse the
same instance anyway.

Thanks, Michael

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