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From "Hendrik Schreiber" ...@tagtraum.com>
Subject AW: Jo! on Phoenix
Date Sat, 03 Nov 2001 10:15:43 GMT

> Had a look at it and it has one of the best user manuals around - I was 
> shocked ;)

Well, I studied journalism :-)

Though it also has a book/license at the top of each 
> source file 
> that is kinda ugly ;(

I am not sure which version you looked at, but I changed the license to LPGL plus the unfortunately
necessary Sun stuff.

> Do you know if he plans to do servlet 2.3 ?

I will, as soon as I have time.

> excelent. Do you know off hand if he supports JNDI enc 
> references. The reason 
> is that the one of the four remaining jobs to do before Phoenix 
> goes beta is 
> to get a management console up and running. I was thinking that 
> it would be 
> very very fun to have that as a .war file that had the 
> MBeanServer passed in 
> via JNDI.

jo! doesn't have any jndi support built in. Wouldn't it be a good idea to build JNDI support
as separate block/service and let jo! use that?

The way it works with JBoss is that while deploying a WAR, the DOM tree and the webapps ContextClassLoader
are handed to JBoss, which in turn creates a "env" subcontext for "java:comp" which is specific
for a particular webapp. Of course that could be easily done by jo! as long as proper JNDI
is present.

How much is actually provided by the standard JNDI RI that comes with the JDK. Does it have
"java:comp" contexts built in? If so, it should be a piece of cake. If not, how difficult
can that be?

Here is what I will do - if jo! can create the context and add all the entries, it will, if
not, it won't. So if an appropriate JNDI context is present, it will be used.

What do you think?

> Heya hendrik!

Heya back!



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